private house interior, Rostov-on-Don
Air and the light. Space belongs to it. Lively presented. Masculine. Aesthetically realized in minimalism, the space looks like aquarium – you can touch the oxygen by your own hands. The house is a living thing. Big panoramic windows are the eyes, the spirit is white light, cold and poured at the walls. Magic in contrasts. Floor looks alive, made of natural wood, roasted coffee colored, contend to the White, compensate and fill with warmth. One special look at the ceiling. Here it is! Glazed black bar is cosmic, atmospheric and marine at the same time. World is inside out, in paradoxical infinity of reflections. Soaring stairs may be to heaven, snow white, leading to the next floor, where the bedrooms are placed.
As a whole the space of both floors is subsequent to the idea of pure thinking. It sparks at every point, as ever it is furniture, or deliberate bright salient original art works at the white milk of the walls. Like a modern arts museum house is full of the secret meaning and connection, but looks ordinary at first sight. Pictures of rostov artist Anatoly Reshetov – the start of an ambitious collection. It's diptych based on a Bible story about St. Josef and his wife Potyphara. White wings of the light soar around dominant – red, transcendental and unpredictable luster. Impressions and symbols, emptiness and sense of completion all get together in the thin materia, realizing that aquarium – you can touch the oxygen by your own hands.