man salon "Barbershop", Rostov-on-Don
Barber Shop. First for men. Unique and really first in Rostov Men's beauty saloon. Apartment for men, made by woman. Gray walls, rough and "unbarbered". Leather sofa in the lounge zone, biomorphic, natural wood table, fells instead of carpets on the … Glass and chrome, black granite and wood. All that is forthright, certainly men's.
But! Right in the hart of two rooms where the circular stairway guides down to the Spa zone, there is a cover of vertical planting! No walls, only greenery carpet. The focus point of power, hitting the cold hi-tech solution of the rest of space. Green blinds at the entrance in the procedure room echoing to the nature fragment at the opposite wall. Grey, white and green, altogether looks like brutal, but carnal a lot at the same time, so usual in our new age!