apartment interior, Rostov-on-Don
White light, white color and white air in white space. A magic effect of mirrors and glazed surfaces. Millions of expanding and transforming reflections. Irregular broken planes of ceilings and walls. It is difficult to define the real size of the apartment at first glance. The seeming excess of white is quite successfully balanced out by natural eco-materials: wooden floors correlating with walls, oval river rock. Sources of light are bio-tectonic, they are like living creatures and also contribute to the general warmth of the room. A very interesting kind of material has been used for the main living-room wall and in the kitchen zone. This is ceramic granite with natural pattern and deep relief. White tree branches under glass and metal in the living-room, waterfall-wall, flames of an eco-fireplace…The hall, the kitchen and the living-room constitute a single studio space.
White on white is again full of surprises: doors to the bedroom and the nursery are like hidden passages to secret rooms. The nursery is designed in white with a tender hint of grass-green. Wallpaper design is also repeated in an ornamental panel of a double-bunk bed. This is a vast space fitted for games, studies and rest. The bedroom is not too large and very cozy. A plaster board on the wall at the head of the bed looks like calm and quiet waves of some dreamy river. Bright colored zigzags of pillows and blankets provide a hot colorful centre and a logic assemblage point of the bedroom interior. One of the bathroom walls is made of river rock. The other wall, in the ordinary way is absent. This is ground glass and waterfall, linking together the living room and the bathroom conceptually. Natural stone, half-transparent misty glass and flowing water stream turn a small bathroom into a cozy spa-zone. Bright, "hot" textile and decor applied in the entire apartment create that vital accent which arrests your attention and strikes your eye.