interior of coffee house FREUD, Rostov-on-Don
A place where coffee aroma is intermingled with an aroma of dreams. A place where every object has its secret life. Peace and silence. Cozy space for solitary meditation. A perfect occasion to break the day fuss or to start your morning properly. A checkered floor reminds you of the chessboard from "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There". Pillows on the sofas stare right into your face. Their faces animate other interior objects as well. This is Fonasetti mysticism. You want to believe that all these sofas, chairs and tables come to life after the last customer is gone.
And Tom Dixon lamps are either Antoine Exupéry asteroids or little golden moons. One of the most amazing illusions of the café: Cole and Son wallpaper-bookshelves. Transparent classic chairs like a melting smile of the Cheshire Cat. Lunar craters and lava on canvases by Vladimir Ovechkin give the finishing touches to the café image made of fantasy. A bit of England, a bit of Austria, a little past, a little present. The cocktail which conveys with amazing precision ephemeral tinges of magnificent harmony coming from the subconscious. In general "Freud" is similar to a fragment of someone's dream. Each object is real but in combination it all becomes a subtle morning recollection of an unfinished dream. The only way to wake up is coffee.