apartment interior, Rostov-on-Don
Magical and ethereal. Feeling of festivity and celebration. Melody of a string quartet goes from every corner of the apartments. Ambiance of good old Europe, expectation of a ball. Humble charm of classics, so influential and alluring. Parquet, granite, gold, crystal, silk, velvet and wood – these are the notes of a flawless symphony of pure inspiration. Words are nothing in comparison to all the imagery that had been created in this charming place. The place where you want to live in joy. Wine, bread, fragrance in the air and sunrays, lazily looking through the elegant curtains – the things to enjoy. There is no time, or fuss. There is no place for foul desires or pernicious thoughts.
Only a glance at this frozen splendor instantly begets poetry. Some longtime traveler, who has seen a lot, perchance would see Vienna or hear Paris in this atmosphere. Every room thrills your soul with an avalanche of memories, imponderable feelings and vivid emotions, though remaining a single note in a general score. As if some graceful art settled down here, finally finding its home. The place came out as a subtle reflection of an exquisite mistress and seems to vibrate in the unison with her fine features. How splendid would it be to inherit such creation! What a lovely ancestral nest it will be! Magical and ethereal. Light and festive. And, somewhere, the melody of the invisible string quartet faintly goes on…