perfume boutique interior in Krasnodar
Clear, transparent, open space. Weightless and bare. Ringing silence and mathematical rigor of form. Comprehensive white color as a base and a pledge of volume. Contrasting blue emphasized by gold. Altogether it looks like a modern art gallery. However, simple and plain forms do not divert attention from the essence – the perfume. The main idea is to present each fragrance in the best way possible. Special accessories were designed for this particular purpose: illuminated shelves, extensible additional surfaces and unique blue veneer covered in thick layer of polish. Carpet flooring is not a coincidence.
This is a second wave of impact on the subconscious of a visitor, going right after the visuals and causing sensation of exceptional and quiet place. At the beginning, the original space was daringly transformed by adding height and constructing second floor which became the space for special customers. It is a place for unhasting enjoyment and careful selection of perfume. The chandelier on ceiling is like a soaring formula, a complex composition, a masterpiece. Faces of the great on walls. Impression from this interior will linger in memories of visitors as a thin trail just like a trail of perfume.