apartment interior, Sochi
Airiness, spaciousness and light — here is the basis for the harmony of this space. Amazing magic – a classic interior, atmospheric, almost weightless. White, soft gold, powdery pink: these colors create that very enchanting mood that immediately gets through into your soul. Glass, velvet and, of course, eternal as history itself, complex, and utterly noble marble. The whole apartment is like a blooming French garden. Branches of tamarisk with pale pink flowers blossom forth in the living room. In the study, on a soft textile panel, wisteria flowers spread, bringing green freshness to the interior. Sakura branches with beautiful birds — on the wallpaper in the bedroom.
And a nursery filled with characters from fairytales.In this amazingly integral, and at the same time airy space the main mood wave is Zen-like calm. The interior is valuable in itself. And exactly this very unique assembly makes it an independent piece of art. The interior, as if it were a living being, leads a leisurely conversation with its owners. Everything in it is subject to the single goal which is phenomenal comfort. Real sheer aesthetic pleasure is what you feel when you get inside it. And you want to stay there, you want to create and dream. Refined, impeccable classic, freshened by a breath of modernity, and built according to the laws of symmetrical composition. Co-authored with Julia Lee.